What is beauty? , new definitions from the fashion vanguard, Dorothy Schefer, Singapore

 What is beauty? Really what is it? Who makes the rules that define beauty? In this book Dorothy Schefer has worked hard to collect a visionary bundle of the views, from industry professionals and celebrities, on their thoughts of beauty. This book questions beauty and the modern ideals of beauty itself.

What made everyone so obsessed with perfection? Who says being beautiful means being skinny? And what do people really believe beauty to be?

This book has a comprehensive archive of visions and voices from models and photographers to editors and stylists. It displays a wide selection of interviews that get the low-down on the truth behind beauty. Some are very insightful and really make you question the way you see things, while others take a much more light hearted approach.

With stunning images, showing an insight to behind the scenes of the fashion industry and an honest approach from the writers, you really get to relate with all of the thoughts and feelings shared within this book;

“Beauty doesn’t come in only one shape or size”- Frank Toskan

“I’m not ugly but my beauty is a total creation”- Tyra Banks

“We all have two eyes, a nose, and a mouth they’re just arranged differently”-Elizabeth Taylor

If you are interested in the ideas of beauty and what modern people in fashion really think about it, or even if you just want some new topic to absorb into your life, then read this book. It is easy to just pick up on your lunch break or on the tube and have a quick read. It gives you a whole new outlook on beauty in a second. I, myself, was never that narrow minded about the ideas of beauty but, this book has opened the boundaries to my perspective a great deal. Something everyone should experience.

Just ask yourself, what is beauty?






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