Cath Roberts- style challenge

“A Stylist is a person who acts with attention to style”

Cath Roberts is a senior design lecturer and stylist. She attended Middlesex University for her BA degree and completed a master’s degree in womenswear.

Cath fell into the stylist career path by accident. When given the opportunity to make an outfit for a music video with band skunk Anansie. The 24 hours she didn’t sleep for making this outfit was worthwhile as the band chose to wear it over a selection of designer clothes. This led to her designing clothes for other bands and musicians and eventually styling people such as Duran Duran, Robbie Williams, Kylie Minogue and Shakira.

For the last 20 years Cath has been styling in various categories including editorial, which is being in control of a whole image (theme/mood/story) of a photo-shoot for a magazine, as well as personal styling which is one to one styling, so communication & interpersonal skills are essential. Personal styling helps to make a difference with peoples’ lives by styling them in a way in which they wouldn’t have thought of themselves and creating a boost in their self confidence, this in turn makes the stylist feel good also.

Cath Roberts made a visit, to Plymouth college of Art, to talk to fashion degree students on styling and let them loose to have a go at styling with some of her clothes she has collected over the years of her successful career.

As a warm up, we were given an array of scarfs to try out different ways of fashioning them to a person’s head, this being something many stylist do for a quick look change to perhaps hide a celebrities hair colour if it does not suit the photo-shoot theme/setting. This led to me having a bra strapped to my head in order to add a base shape to the scarf for one look.

The ‘City Shepherd’ look was a creation of my own; it consists of two Joseph-esque scarfs fashioned into a dress, brought in at the waist with a brown/white leather and rope belt. The fur edged jacket brings together the sheep herder vibe. This is then finished off with some glamorous shades for a high end edge. There were many other looks created across the class including ‘Biker Princess’, ‘Bohemian Hipster’ and ‘Day at the Races’ which was a chic look that combined a soft 80’s style blazer with a cotton scarf turned skirt. Teamed with shades and a peach coloured silk scarf draped loosely around the neck it was a look you could bet on.

Overall we had fun while learning about the career of a stylist, some quick style tips and creating new styles, of which my favourite look was, for sure, the ‘City Shepherd’. I will definitely keep practicing my head scarf skills and watching out for unique trends off the high street.



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