Katie Jones


Recently Katie Jones visited my 2nd year BA fashion course. Katie is a self taught crochet designer. she as completed a 3 year BA degree in knitwear as well as an MA in crochet, both completed at Central St Martins.

Since graduating in march 2013, Katie has been working as a freelance Knit & Crochet designer. She has worked with, new gen Knitwear Designer, Mark Fast, who has shown at London Fashion Week for several years now. Katie interned with Mark Fast in the 2nd year of her BA and has been working with the company for the past 6 years. She is currently starting up a new brand with a friend from Mark Fast. This shows how important internships can be.

In Katie’s BA 3rd year she interned for 6 months in Paris for John Galiano. There she got to see how the fashion world is in reality to how we perceive it. she created a lot of sampling & draping, got a one on one experience and saw the whole fashion process from design to fittings. Katie also interned for 3 months with Diane Von Furstenberg in new york, which was “very hands on” and for 2 moths in Australia for ‘romance was born’.

Being a Freelance Designer, Katie has worked for a few small companies as well as working with Alice Lee.

I found her talk to be very inspirational. While she doesn’t often use all the conventional methods of fashion design she has a whole set of unique skills, which when used in her work really echo her style and personality as a designer and creative individual.

something I will definitely start with my work is creating larger sized design samples. Katie explained how she regular forms samples for her work/designs, and how a good A3 sized piece can really show you how a fabric will behave in different techniques and weights so that when you come to creating a final piece it really works to how you intend.

A lot of Katie’s inspiration comes from film, photography & traveling. She believes that if we all found our research from a book in the library we would all end up with a similar outcome of some form. I completely agree with this and it inspires me to push my research skills further so that I can produce work that is so unique to every other person and I can stand out.

From the 3 collections Katie presented to our class (BA, 6 garment collection/MA collection/GFW, 10 look collection) my favorite, by far, was her graduate fashion week collection. This was a collection Katie had produced after completing her crochet masters degree. It is full of life and colour. She used yarns which she already owned, some left over from her BA collection. This shows a natural instinct to be resourceful and sustainable. She’s not wasting the fabrics she uses.

The thing I love the most about Katie is that she is just a real person. By this I mean that she isn’t some obnoxious designer you might imagine after watching ‘Devil Wears Prada’. She makes mistakes and she is constantly learning new things. She has achieved the level she is at by a lot of hard work and a strong motivation & desire to be in the fashion industry. It drives her and pushes her to reach further.

I found Katie to be a huge inspiration and I hope to be as successful as her one day. The passion Katie has for crochet & her work really shows. I believe that without that fire she wouldn’t be as successful as she has already become and she has only just begun. I cant wait to see collections from her in the years to come. I am already a huge fan of her work.




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