I have recently received a brief for my year 2 degree fashion summer project at PCA. Now I am a very badly organised person and my personal motivation can be a big downfall for me so this time I have decided to create a timetable plan for me as a guide. My stabilisers in a way.

The project is about lace. I am going to focus on a few tasks based on research for my first week. Then once I have analysed and annotated it all (another thing I am very bad at keeping on top of) I will move on to finding fabric swatches and primary research. Once that again has all been annotated my second week will consist of creating a collection of samples which i have developed and analysed myself. week three/four will be starting my design ideas and linking them to my research and samples. I intend to make these to a progressive standard from which I have been working. practice makes perfect. I will need to develop these into photoshop/illustrator for a higher standard of work and so that I can get used to working with these programmes. I will pick my final designs, annotate and analyse these, perhaps create a customer profile. Then all that should be left is my overall evaluation and just giving my work a check through, making sure everything is typed up and portrays a good aesthetic.

I will also be attempting to keep up with some daily exercise to help me stay motivated and not lazy. This is important to me as I know I want a future in design. I need to prove to myself that I can complete this to a high standard and that I have matured in my work ethics. fingers crossed



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