marcus crandons MA contemporary art practice ‘masculinity’

marcus crandons MA contemporary art practice 'masculinity'

This exhibition was to question the place of femininity in man. How primping and grooming are seen as very feminine, female acts and where they stand in the male life. i found this very intriguing as it is a subject i have never thought too much about. It was an interactive exhibition, so the public were invited to take part in ‘grooming’ Marcus himself. we got to tweeze, trim & shave various amounts of hair from Marcus’ head and face. his eyes had been covered with mod-rock, this i assumed was to keep a wall between artist and public so that there wasnt too much of moral conflict (seeing him as an object rather than a person makes it easier to ruin his appearance without feeling bad) and to stop people from removing his eyebrows.
i took part in shaving his beard with a razor and a huge dollop of shaving foam (which i wiped the remains of onto his calico gown) this was quite a strange experience. I felt naughty, I felt observed (there was a crowd and filming going on) and i felt a little guilty. some people were more sadistic and reveled in tweezing his upper lip hair, whilst others picked up the electric clippers and continually apologized as they trimmed his head hair down a few grades.
This was a creative and innovative exhibition experience and i think that it gets the public to understand the art on a more personal level.
i would definitely like to visit one like this again.


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