More Than A Moment of Disgust

interestng style in this video. i love the sadomasochism of it

The Windswept Edge


I quite probably shouldn’t write about this kind of thing. Staunch feminist though I am I’m well aware as to how little understanding I really have as to a lot of the genuine issues that affect women. I’m too far removed to ever really get it. But I do know I believe unquestionably in treating women with respect and total equality. The genitalia assigned to us by pure chance has no bearing at all on how we should be treated and everyone should be judged solely on the merits of their own character and actions. Maybe that’s not a policy that’s so practical to apply in a universal sense but I continue to stick by it as a pretty excellent starting point at the very least.

That being the case I obviously find a lot of the publicity and promotional material surrounding In This Moment somewhat troubling. The fact the band’s vocalist is very attractive isn’t…

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